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Wisconsin (USA)


Experience the isolation and beauty of the wilderness in your own backyard! Join Tarka's Whitewater Journey as we float through Estabrook, Hubbard and River Park. The undeveloped, heavily wooded shoreline obscures the sights of the city leaving the feeling of being far away in the Northwoods. Our self bailing rafts hold 6-8 people. Tarka's Whitewater will provide life jackets, helmets and paddles. This trip along the Milwaukee River on calm water (level 1 or 2) is suitable for people with no experience as well as more advanced rafters. The minimum age is 6 years.


The Menominee River is unique in that its rafting season (April-October) is significantly longer than that of most other rivers. It has one of the greatest flows in the Midwest, with rapids and hydraulics similar to those of western rivers. Rapids include class I-IV. The trip begins along the beautiful Upper Pennisula, in the scenic surrounding of Niagara, WI. Careening past 200 foot high cliffs, the intensity increases through Sand Portage Rapids and culminates with a 10 foot waterfall in the legendary Piers Gorge! The Menominee River is suited for all experience levels, from beginner to advanced. The minimum age is 7 years old. Due to the size of the river's rapids, we run only 6-8 people in self bailing rafts with a guide in every boat.


Located approximately 80 miles north-west of Green Bay, people of all ages, from countries around the world have discovered the thrill, excitement and natural beauty that the Peshtigo River has to offer. Conditions on the Peshtigo are excellent for both kayaking and rafting. During the summer season when water levels are low, one can spend 'play time' in the rapids upstream, avoiding the rocky, low water, sections downstream. The Peshtigo is noted not only for its scenic beauty, but also for its very challenging Whitewater. The trip starts amidst the surrounding beauty of northeastern Wisconsin and is recognized by river enthusiasts as the longest continuous Whitewater journey in the entire Midwest.


Experience the Upper Peninsula like its never been experienced before. Journey to the deepest parts of the Northwoods and experience one of the most legendary rivers in the United States, the Presque Isle River. Considered by many to be the Gauley's Midwestern twin, the Presque Isle contains 17 miles of some of the finest rafting to be found anywhere. The heart of this run is a 5 mile section of river known as The Gorge. This stretch of river is continuous Class III-IV rapids that will have your heart pounding constantly.

The deep river valley lined with 500 year old Hemlock and White Pines will only add to the timeless feel of this wilderness run. Due to the remoteness of this run we will be required to camp out along the river one night. Relax while camp is set and dinner is prepared. Recount your experiences around the campfire, or simply watch the river flow by. As night deepens we'll share laughs and stories around the fire before retiring to our sleeping bags. The next morning we'll prepare pancakes, eggs, coffee, and tead before shoving off and finishing our journey.

Cold-water gear, a dry sack for personal items, and a dry sack for camping gear will be provided. If needed, camping gear is available for an additional fee - please let us know in advance. This trip is only available in May and possibly early June depending on rainfall. Rates: $289/Person, camping gear available for additional fee.

Montreal Canyon-1 day - Class II-III

The Montreal River marks the extreme western boundary of the Upper Peninsula. This river is perhaps the most scenic and visually stunning river in the entire state. Montreal Canyon is a 5-miles long, 200' deep gorge of great conglomerate rock. The reddish tint of the towering cliffs mixed with the continuous class II-III rapids is a photographers dream and provides experiences most do not believe possible in the Midwest.Add in side hikes to 70' waterfall and a 100' waterfall and you will have an adventure for the whole family that you will want to relive in your memory for years to come. This trip is only available in May and possibly early June depending on rainfall. Rates: $149/Person. Snacks and lunch provided.


  • Early booking discount
  • Student discount
  • Free t-shirt (Menominee River rafters only)
  • Friendly & safety certified staff
  • Kayak Lessons
  • International trips to Nepal-the land of Mt. Everest.
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The Menominee River is unique in that its rafting season (April-October) is significantly longer than that of most other rivers ...
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