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Megan Stelljes

Megan has been working as a raft guide for six years. She began guiding in Colorado on the Arkansas River and soon developed a taste for international adventure. Some highlights of her career include a guiding stint in New Zealand, which included working on the world's highest commercially rafted waterfall, and an extended expedition in Ethiopia on a river with hippos, crocodiles and isolated tribal people. Currently a student at UW Madison Law School, she relishes the weekend warrior fun Midwestern rivers provide. She has completed swift-water and wilderness first aid course.

Tarka Kumal

Tarka Kumal has been rafting and kayaking for more than 22 years throughout the world like Nepal, India, Argentina, Japan, Spain, France, Chille, Colorado and Wisconsin. Tarka grew up along the rivers in Nepal and learned to raft as a young child eventually representing first Nepal freestyle kayaking team in the world championship 2001. Tarka is a local legendary rafter & kayaker and best ranking guide in the world too. He is referenced in the Whitewater Nepal book by Peter Knowles. Tarka currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has certifications in river rescue, first aid CPR and has completed the CISSR course, swift-water and wilderness first aid course.

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